Rewriting the African Theology

African theology lacks a proper identity. It seems that African Christians are trying to please a foreign Christian god, neglecting their old traditional religions and idols. Yet, Christianity was first African before touching Europe.

We made the choice to help the African Christian understand, with certainty, his place and definition in God everlasting plan.

Rewrite Africa, Rewrite for Africa and Rewrite About Africa

  1. Promoting African writings and African writers locally and internationally.
  2. Promoting good writings that can help rebuild Africa & cause a positive transformation of mentalities.
  3. Rediscovering Africa's cultural identity and wisdom heritage.
  4. Promoting writings well able to build Kingdom values in people's heart.


Improving the educational books' content.

Publishing the African history.



The 3-R project

  • Rewriting Africa
  • Rewriting for Africa
  • Rewriting about Africa


The reading challenge

  • Starting and developping a reading habit
  • Improving the reading speed and the ability to remember what has been read
  • Setting and achieving reading goals


Writing workshop

  • Teaching the best writing techniques
  • Organizing writing contests
  • Upgrading writers to international standards


Electronic Library

  • Accessing more than 5,000 books and publications
  • Reading and downloading over 1,000 free books


Book industry improvement

  • print-on-demand system
  • easy book distribution
  • innovative book marketing