The 3r Project

rewriting Africa | rewriting about Africa | rewriting for Africa

Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.


Contributing to shape the destiny of Africa by publishing and disseminating good content on the Continent.

rewriting about Africa

Promoting relevant writing activities to help build a strong and prosperous Africa.

rewriting for Africa
rewriting Africa

Writing and help rebuilding the cultural identity of Africans.

What does it mean to be African? Why are we Africans, after different races and skin? Is it a good thing to be born African? Is there a future for Africa and for Africans? And many more answers to such existential concerns...

It is the choice of our Publishing House to particularly help the younger generation to understand their roots, their past, their current situation, and to think, rethink and consider a better construction of their future...