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How to submit a manuscript?

Step 1: Write Your Book


This is what connect you with the Publisher. Don't submit an unfinished or a poorly formatted manuscript. You can read and download good ressources to finish and polish your Book in our Blogs. Try as much as you can to submit an edited remarkable completed manuscript.

If you can, include a Book Publishing Proposal or a Cover Page, and any supporting materials to help our staff and advisory editors to understand the opportunity behind your writings.

Any information submitted at this stage is strictly confidential. The information provided may also be reviewed by peers in your field.

On the book publishing proposal form, you are able to suggest the names of three to five peers whose subject-area expertise may help facilitate our review process.


Step 2: Prepare your Manuscript


Be aware that you cannot just submit anything called "my writings". Also take note that Professional Editing Services are payable. Your manuscript must fit some standards to even be read and considered.

The goal is to prepare a book manuscript that is clear, to the point, and allows for an easy transition to production.

Following are guidelines for preparing the text and art for your manuscript:

  • Interior text formatting
  • Cover formatting


Step 3: Submit your Manuscript


You can either submit a Book proposal or a full manuscript. We are not interested in discussing about ideas.

Please, make sure to submit an Author name (or pen name), the language of the Book, a Book description and/or an Abstract. See below for guidelines.


Step 4: Receive a feedback


Once you submit a manuscript, it undergoes review. First, an editor will give it a careful consideration.

If your book proposal or manuscript meets our criteria for quality, relevance, and marketability, the editor submits it for peer review by experts in your field who will offer their opinions on the potential strengths and weaknesses of your proposal, including its importance to the field.

If it is determined that your book has the potential to be mutually profitable and is seen as advancing your field or promoting education within its field, approval is granted and a contract is tendered.


Step 5: Sign the contract


Read over the contract carefully. Your assigned Editor will discuss the terms with you and is able to answer any questions you might have.

The contract outlines responsibilities and obligations, both yours and ours. Any requested changes in the business plan should be taken up with your assigned Editor as soon as possible.


Step 6: Approve the final layout


This is when editing, proofreading (grammar, tense, and punctuation), and indexing have already been done.

We will have graphically designed a beautiful, professional cover to get your book noticed. A ready-to-print file will then be submitted to you for approval.

Please, read it carefully before you approve, no other main change will be considered after this stage. Only thereafter, you will be able to order proof-copies of your book.


Step 7: Publishing and Distribution


Once these steps have been fulfilled successfully, then come ISBN, legal deposit and distrbution process (libraries and bookshops).

In addition, you will be ask you to complete a questionnaire regarding the marketing message of your book.


Now that your Book is published, the next step is promoting or marketing your Book.