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PO Box 8758 Doula, Littoral, Cameroon

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Writing Workshop

This is the best way to simplify the art of writing books. Indeed, 90% of current best sellers are self-taught. They are people in the ordinary trades, who started writing without having any degree in literature. Over time, they have been appreciated and acclaimed by the general public, and have even won notorious awards. What the readership prefers is your ability to portray real life with exceptional words.                                                      Go for more...

Conference and Book events

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Professional Book Design

The cover of your book is the first thing readers will notice, so help it stand out from the rest. An experienced book cover designer will keep your book's audience, genre, and story in mind when creating a professionally-crafted cover that complements your written work. More...

Eric Nzhie

Founding Director

Urbain C. Monty

Workshop Events

Estelle Assako


Angie Bounougou

Chief Editor

The editor will analyze the readership and genre to determine whether the content is appropriate. He will examine essential considerations such as plot, pace, characterization and dialog. For nonfiction titles, the editor will analyze the readership, purpose, and possible uses of the work to determine whether the content is complete and appropriate; that concepts are developed adequately; that material is well organized.         Learn More...

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ushering Authors into the world stage


Your book is a labor of love. You want your book to be perfect, and your readers deserve the best possible reading experience you can deliver. From a cover that catches your reader's eye to editing, proofreading and everything in between, Living Books Publishing will make your book a pleasure to look at, hold and read.   More...

Improving the quality of book printing in Africa. We have launched a print-on-demand system at affordable price. This help reducing the book printing costs. Now we can print and deliver 500 books / week within the city of Douala. More...

Book Marketing

Cause bookstores' and shelves do not speak by themselves, it is marketing that help Readers to discover your books and want their content. No matter how hard it was for you to get that book idea out of you, if you don't market it, it may end-up nowhere...                    Go for more...